Integrated Management System (IMS)

Compliance Unified

An Integrated Management System consolidates an org's systems, processes, and standards into a unified framework.

Unify systems for streamlined operations

Enhanced efficiency of compliance operations

Align diverse company goals and policies

Key Considerations

An integrated management system undeniably enhances a company's performance by harmonising and addressing all sectors. ITM ensures effective management by comprehensively evaluating and enhancing every facet of the business concurrently.

In numerous instances, specific sectors within a business may be disregarded or disproportionately highlighted. This imbalance can lead to additional expenses for the company. An effectively integrated IMS unifies all facets of a business, ensuring that every sector aligns harmoniously. Consequently, under this system, all expenditures are anticipated in advance, mitigating any wastage across sectors.

Effectively establishing an integrated management system involves creating a cohesive and well-coordinated framework that leaves no aspect of the business unaddressed. As a result, every sector will benefit from the necessary focus and enhancements. The ultimate outcome will be a meticulously organised system where everything is in its rightful position.

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Tooling General Heat Treatment

IntegPro successfully implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) for Tooling General Heat Treatment, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance. This strategic upgrade streamlined processes, ensuring a competitive edge.
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Typical Project Timeline

Assessment Process

IntegPro follows a comprehensive assessment process to evaluate your organization's readiness for ISO certification.


Our team assists in developing and implementing the necessary documentation for ISO compliance.


We provide training sessions to educate your staff on ISO standards and best practices.

Internal Audits & Maintenance

Regular internal audits are conducted to identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing compliance.

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Simplify the complexity of compliance with a free initial consultation with IntegPro's skilled consultants to guarantee your firm is following the right procedures.

Common Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about ISO consulting and the certification process.

What is ISO certification?

ISO certification is a globally recognized standard that ensures organizations meet certain requirements for quality, safety, and environmental management systems. It demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with industry regulations.

Why is ISO certification important?

ISO certification is important for businesses as it enhances their credibility, improves customer trust, and opens up new opportunities in highly regulated industries. It also helps organizations streamline their processes and improve overall efficiency.

How long does ISO certification take?

The duration of ISO certification depends on various factors, including the size and complexity of the organization, the readiness of existing management systems, and the chosen certification body. It typically takes several months to complete the certification process.

What is ISO consulting?

ISO consulting involves working with experienced professionals who provide guidance and support throughout the ISO certification journey. They help organizations develop and implement effective management systems, conduct internal audits, and prepare for external audits.

How much does ISO consulting cost?

The cost of ISO consulting services can vary depending on the scope of work, the complexity of the organization's processes, and the level of support required. It is best to contact us for a tailored quote based on your specific needs.

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